09editedI believe that color, light and form are magical, and composition is the creative element. I am known for my hard work and perseverance in reaching the ideal goal among my friends and colleagues. I believe “when there is a will, there is a way”.

I think one should either not start doing something, or if you do; you have to finish it in the best possible manner. A great Stage Design, in my opinion, is one that the audience would not be able to tell between real or fake; one that you cannot trace the existence of a designer in a mannered way unless the exaggeration has been done purposefully.

 I am Jalil Fotouhinia. Iranian Production Designer living in Prague, Capital of Czech Republic since 2008. I graduated in Stage Design from Faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University in 1992. I have designed for numerous Movies and TV Series since then.

Among other fields in my portfolio and interests, I should mention Interior Design and Exhibition Display Designs.

 I would like to point out a few characteristics I deliver in my work environment:

• Creating a friendly environment for work
• Creating motivation in crew for learning skills
• Delivering within the agreed timeframe
• Utmost utilization of material within the allocated budget

One of the unique strengths of my team has been the experience of working in a multicultural environment and in harsh climate conditions.

 In the end, my research and vast knowledge of the early Islam Era in Historical productions, in addition to 10 years of experience working in the genre, and my proficiency in Middle East geography and climate in the past century in connection with Design and Stage Design, are prominent characteristics of my work.